Proprietary Solution

WiO allows advertisers to easily create immersive interactive experiences across all television platforms including linear, OTT, CTV and VOD while providing live engagement & attribution data.

There is no set-up fee or integration. WiO manages the entire campaign. And, it’s accountable, advertisers only pay on a cost per engagement basis.

WiO’s proprietary platform integrates “native” smartphone technologies including QR Code, Keyword SMS Text and Keyword Voice, together or individually, which allow viewers to easily and quickly engage with their favorite television brands. By using native smartphone technologies, advertisers have access to 280M smartphone users.

With WiO’s dynamic “no-hassle” management system advertisers can quickly implement campaigns across different media properties, markets and offers using unique WiO QR Codes and WiO Keyword SMS Text simultaneously to track media effectiveness.

WiO’s platform anaylizes viewer activity instantly from initial engagement through to multiple attributions at once including purchases, couponing, site visits, retailer visits, calls, texts and more so there’s no waiting months for reporting and vital data.