QR Code

WiO’s solution dynamically creates a QR Code for each unique WiO Keyword. WiO uniquely creates multiple QR Codes for individual media properties, GEO locations, or by the offer.

Multiple Attribution Tracking

WiO’s can track 18 attributable actions including web visits, purchases, calls, texts, app downloads, coupons, PDF information, save dates, save contacts and watch videos. WiO also tracks attribution to big-box retailers and digital online retailers.

Instant Data & Reporting

WiO can measure the initial engagement through to attribution across ALL media – in real-time. Additionally, WiO’s instant data includes dayparting, audience location, and keywords by GEO.

Geo Targeting

WiO can deliver national to hyper local offers from national or local campaigns. When audiences engage with your ad using WiO, offers can be delivered based on their Geo location.

Cost Per Engagement (CPE) Pricing

WiO’s pricing model is based on an accountable Cost Per Engagement (CPE) for each Keyword Texted, QR Code scanned or Keyword Voice engagement. WiO’s CPE pricing is similar to the search engine Cost Per Click (CPC) model which ranges depending on the category brand.

TV Creative

No need to edit your commercial. WiO can provide “L” Shape TV creative with WiO Text and Wio QR Code information. WiO also can provide lower thirds and pop-ups.

No Technology Integration

WiO requires no technology integration. WiO’s set-up is fast and simple. Clients purchase keywords from WiO and provide offer information to complete the set-up, which can take minutes. There is no need for audiences to connect to in-home or outdoor WiFi systems or devices. WiO works anywhere, at anytime.

Dynamic Mobile Pages

WiO provides dynamic WiO Action Pages with multiple actions so the user experience is quick and elegant. WiO’s unique and proprietary management system allows client engagement campaigns to be set up in minutes.

Highly Qualified Audience

WiO’s audience is highly qualified because they choose to engage. Users activate by texting a keyword into the device. If it’s a brand keyword, it provides additional brand recognition.