An On-Demand TV Data Analytics Platform.

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Multiple Engagement Technologies Including QR Code, Text & Voice*

Works Globally across Linear TV, CTV, Streaming, OTT and AVOD platforms


On-Demand platform for TV engagement & attribution, TV overlays, TV data & analytics

The WiO Solution

Instant TV Data & Measurement

Custom Integrations

For Advertisers

WiO allows advertisers to immediately create immersive interactive experiences across all media with one solution across Linear TV, CTV, OTT, Streaming and VOD platforms. WiO is a managed solution which means we do all the work. And, there is no integration, and no set-up costs. WiO also provides creative overlay services, and can tag as many commercials as necessary for media properties andnetworks in your campaign.

For Media Partners

Adding WiO to your media capabilities provides a needed engagement solution for your TV advertisers. WiO provides more revenue as a WiO partner, and more detailed data to optimize your media inventory. We are an outsourced solution, so there is no added staffing or technology needed, we do all the work.

About WiO

WiO is an on-demand TV data analytics platform designed to handle complex real-time engagement and instant attribution campaigns needed to optimize TV media budgets while reducing clients' overhead expenses associated with campaign deployment.

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