WiO’s Q-TAG: Revolutionizing QR Code and Video Streaming Engagement for TV Advertisers


WiO’s latest innovation to advance TV QR Code and Streaming Engagement & Attribution: The WiO Q-TAG.

WiO’s Q-TAG, enables TV advertisers to further optimize TV campaigns across media platforms and properties quicker. In the fast-evolving world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. At WiOffer (WiO), we’ve always prided ourselves on providing cutting-edge solutions that empower TV advertisers to maximize real-time TV engagement and instantly measure their campaign attribution performance.

Genesis of WiO’s Q-TAG

The genesis of WiO’s Q-TAG emerged from a clear need among TV advertisers for more nuanced engagement and instant attribution metrics than what was available through existing QR Code SaaS systems and streaming video platforms. Recognizing this gap, WiO developed the Q-TAG solution to seamlessly integrate with these systems, thereby enhancing them with WiO’s superior reporting and tracking capabilities. This development was driven by the desire to offer TV advertisers an easy upgrade path for their current setups, enabling them to access deeper insights into viewer engagement and attribution behavior without overhauling their existing QR code or streaming strategies. By creating the WiO Q-TAG, WiO provided a bridge between traditional QR code SaaS technologies, streaming TV ads, and the advanced analytics necessary for today’s fast-paced TV advertising landscape, ensuring that TV campaigns could be more effectively measured, analyzed, and optimized.

What is Q-TAG?

What WiO’s Q-TAG provides is two-fold. It seamlessly connects with your existing QR Code SaaS system, transforming it into a powerful conduit for real-time TV engagement and accurate attribution. It’s designed to work within the WiO ecosystem, leveraging our state-of-the-art real-time engagement and instant attribution system to offer insights and engagement opportunities that were previously unimaginable with traditional SaaS QR code providers. For streaming TV advertisers, WiO’s Q-TAG offers the benefits of tracking engagement and attribution from desktop and mobile video ads.

Q-TAG Seemless Integration

Integrating WiO’s Q-TAG into your current TV advertising campaign is straightforward, ensuring that you can leverage the groundbreaking capabilities of WiO’s system with minimal effort and disruption to your existing operations.

To harness the advanced features of WiO’s Q-TAG is simple, all you need to do is the following:

  • For QR Code SaaS systems, add WiO’s Q-TAG (URL) into the URL field of your current QR Code SaaS provider’s management system.
  • For Desktop and Mobile video advertising, just add WiO’s Q-TAG to your click URL.

Unleashing the Power of WiO’s TV Engagement & Attribution Management System

By adding WiO’s Q-TAG with your existing SaaS QR Code platform and or streaming video platforms, you gain access to the WiO Engagement & Attribution system, a platform designed to empower advertisers with capabilities far beyond those offered by traditional QR code systems and video tracking systems.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can achieve through WiO:

  • Managed Service: Leverage WiO’s professional services for comprehensive support in QR Code and streaming video strategy, QR Code campaign execution, QR Code creative overlay production, commercial duplication, and overall campaign analysis.
  • Real-time TV Engagement Metrics: Gain immediate insights into user engagement and attribution with your TV ads. This real-time feedback enables adjustments to media buying strategies, optimizing engagement and attribution.
  • A/B Testing: Simplify the setup of campaigns to monitor different creatives, offers, media platforms, station groups, programs, networks, actions, geographic locations, and dayparts.
  • WiO Dynamic Link Management: Effortlessly update and change the actions and destinations of your QR codes or streaming video without the need to generate new QR Codes, or take down existing TV ads to replace QR Codes and links. This flexibility allows for agile marketing strategies that can adapt to real-time feedback and market trends.
  • WiO Extensive Actions & Destinations: With up to 21 different actions and destinations available through the WiO platform, your QR Codes and streaming links can do much more than direct users to a webpage. From purchasing to downloading contact information to saving dates, texting, and driving traffic to Amazon and other top retailers; and more.
  • Detailed Engagement & Attribution Analysis Dashboard: Delve deeper than basic scan engagements and streaming clicks. Get a full viewer journey with WiO to engagement or click through to attribution including actions – all in real-time. With our dashboard, you’ll have a detailed view across campaigns, with our daypart heat maps, and individual geo-location maps. This results in a quicker, more thorough analysis of your real-time TV campaign performance.

As the TV landscape continues to transform at breakneck speed, the introduction of WiOffer’s (WiO) Q-TAG stands as a beacon for TV advertisers seeking to navigate these changes with confidence and sophistication. Coupled with WiO’s cutting-edge analytics and flexible ecosystem, WiO’s Q-TAG not only redefines what is possible within the realm of TV advertising but also sets a new standard for engagement, analysis, and optimization in TV advertising.

In embracing WiO’s Q-TAG, advertisers are not just adopting a new tool; they are opening the door to a future where real-time engagement, dynamic content management, and granular attribution analysis become the cornerstone of TV advertising strategies.

As we look forward to the myriad ways in which WiO’s Q-TAG will transform TV advertising, we invite advertisers, media companies, and TV advertisers alike to join us on this journey. With WiO’s Q-TAG, the future of QR code marketing is not just about reaching viewers; it’s about engaging them across many platforms, understanding them, and ultimately, driving unparalleled success in an ever-evolving digital world.

Learn more about the new era of QR code engagement. Welcome to WiO’s Q-TAG.

Andrew Pakula
[email protected]